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What we stand for

We love the little guys. In a world were the clothing industry has become synonymous with massive, faceless manufacturing, we believe in empowering small businesses. We take pride in creating a supply chain where everyone benefits.​

Products have stories long before they reach the hands of the customer - we are committed to making sure that that story is one of empowerment & positive impact.


Meet the artisans that make eno black possible :)


Location: Denpasar, Bali

Products: Women's Dresses & Mens Shirts 

Lia & her small team of four work from her families home in Bali. Pak (Lia's father) is never far with a song or corn fritters.  


Location: Denpasar, Bali

Products: Women's Dresses & Playsuits, Men's Shirts & Accessories 

Ratna & her team work from a large open air porch attached to her home. Not only is she talented but she is a bottle of sunshine and positivity. Our visits to Ratna's workshop are some of our favorite memories from our time in Indonesia (no small feat because we really like Indonesia).
Are you an artisan?
Interested in working with eno? If you are an artisan, non-profit or ethical manufacturing facility interested in collaborating with eno black on a particular product - please contact us :)
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